Spectacle Blinds

Spectacle Blinds,
Single Blinds, Spacer Rings,
Vent Blinds & Bleed Rings

Separating one part of a line from another requires a spectacle blind, able to switch from closed to open and back again. A single provides closure, while a spacer ring keeps a line open.
A vented blind can drain a line or allow access to internal pressure. Bleed rings provide a means to release pressure from the pipe through a controlled opening.

Our product line includes Figure 8 Spectacle Blinds with or without ring type joints, Single Paddle Blinds and Spacers, Paddle Type Orifice Plates as well as a complete line of Bleed Rings. Also available in Ring Type Joint design.

Available in:

  • Carbon steel, chromemoly and stainless, as well as other specialty metals. All Keddco Spectacle Blinds are manufactured to ASME B16.48 unless otherwise specified, and can be custom manufactured to your specifications.

Keddco Catalog:

Orifice Plates Series 520, 500

An orifice plate measures the flow of a liquid or gas by the difference in pressure from the upstream to the downstream. This plate creates a restriction in a pipe that causes a difference in pressure between the two sides. A meter then measures the difference in pressure across the orifice plate.

125# to 25003 ANSI pressures. Available in A516/304/316 & Alloys. Sizes ½” to 84”

Keddco Catalog: Orifice Plates