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Keddco Oil Country Fittings

Keddco Strainers-single blind, spectacle blind, vent blind

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Keddco Manufacturing is one of the world's leaders in many of the components essential to the petrochemical and oil industry. We've made it our business to manufacture the very best—and service our customers with 24/7 response.

That translates into one of the most comprehensive inventories of products available anywhere.

Plus a capability to manufacture what our customers need—even the hard-to-find sizes of components not typically found elsewhere.

Looking for the best? You've come to the right place… Keddco Manufacturing.

Swage Nipples

Bringing the flow of fluids from one pipe size to another is the job of the swage nipple. Smooth flow is essential as is a component that will stand up to the rigors of the petrochemical environment. Swage nipples from Keddco do both.

Bull Plugs

One of the petrochemical industry's basic components, bull plugs provide a means of draining a line during maintenance operations. They also dead end a line blocking for further development.

Oil Country Fittings

High-quality oil field tubular fittings for the oil field industry - all meeting API specifications.

  • Swage Nipples & Belled Nipples
  • Bull Plugs
  • Pump Seating Nipples
  • Couplings
  • Pup Joints

Spectacle Blinds / Single Blinds / Spacer Rings / Vent Blinds & Bleed Rings

Separating one part of a line from another requires a spectacle blind, able to switch from closed to open and back again. Bleed rings provide a means to release pressure from the pipe through a controlled opening.

Orifice Plate Series 520, 500

An orifice plate measures the flow of a liquid or gas by the difference in pressure from the upstream to the downstream. This plate creates a restriction in a pipe that causes a difference in pressure between the two sides. A meter then measures the difference in pressure across the orifice plate.


Keddco strainers provide the key means of stopping contaminants from continuing through piping, preventing damage of components downstream, including pumps.

The reality is, some of the most demanding customers in the petrochemical sector (yours likely being among them) have come to trust and value an ongoing supplier relationship with Keddco, an experienced manufacturer and supplier of critical components to the process industry.

API Flanges

API flanges are manufactured for high strength operating refinery systems with products such as oil and explosive gases.

Hammer Unions

Connectors that allow quick make-up and break-out of pipe and fittings used primarily in temporary flow-lines. Any connected Hammer Union consists of 3 pieces.

Also Available…

Pile Caps

A pile cap is a steel plate mat that rests on concrete or timber piles that have been driven into soft or unstable ground to provide a suitable stable foundation.


A device incorporating an orifice that is used to control fluid flow rate or downstream system pressure. Chokes are available in several configurations for both fixed and adjustable modes of operation. Adjustable chokes enable the fluid flow and pressure parameters to be changed to suit process or production requirements. Fixed chokes do not provide this flexibility, although they are more resistant to erosion under prolonged operation or production of abrasive fluids.