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Sarnia, Ontario

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Edmonton, Alberta

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Houston, TX

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Keddco Manufacturing Ltd. is committed to supplying all of its customers with products that meet or exceed the industry standards, on time and at prices that are competitive.

Keddco is continually improving its manufacturing process to remain competitive and profitable and to guarantee the supply of reliable products in the future. Keddco continues to develop relationships with suppliers who are, as we are, committed to quality and service. Keddco's dedication to Customer Service, Integrity and Fairness is demonstrated by it's success - past and present. Keddco's employees, without whose co-operation such a program would be unworkable, share our commitment to quality and are dedicated to producing the finest products of their kind in the marketplace.

Sarnia, Edmonton, Houston

Our Sarnia location is the Head Office and the major manufacturing and warehousing centre.

Western Canada sales are handled out of a Keddco facility located in Edmonton, Alberta. Keddco USA opened in 2013 to better serve our US customer base. At these branch locations, we have a sales office, a warehouse with substantial inventory, and the equipment and staff necessary to perform some minor machining and threading.


Canada's energy industry has its roots in Sarnia, Ontario, beginning with the birth of the oil industry in North America just minutes away from the oil fields of Lambton County.

Continuing through the rapid development of the petrochemical industry in the 1950s and 1960s, it's little wonder a firm like Keddco came into being.

With our head office in Sarnia, Ontario, a key hub for North America's petrochemical industry, Keddco Manufacturing supplies many of the world's most demanding customers.



Quality and H&S



Western Canada continues to be one of the key growth areas in the petrochemical and energy sector.

And Keddco is there, with an Edmonton facility that serves the local market with key components required to continue the momentum.

It's one of the world's hottest spots for growth in oil and petrochemical production. Edmonton, gateway to Northern Alberta and the Oil Sands (where proven reserves rival even those of Saudi Arabia). It's a region where Keddco is serving a growing number of customers, all of whom have one thing in common: the need for quality components in a timely manner.



General Manager


Houston is known as the “Energy Capital of the World.” It is the largest city in Texas, home of more than 3,700 energy-related businesses. Keddco is positioned to meet this demand, with the opening of its Keddco USA branch located in Cypress Texas, in 2013. With a continued emphasis on customer service, quality products, and over 40 years of experience, Keddco is ready to serve the demand of the Houston oilfield.


We've created systems that bring an operational discipline to the business.

Translated? We've made it our business to bring your business what you need.