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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keddco ISO certified and to what standard?

Keddco Mfg. Ltd locations in Canada are ISO 9001:2015 certified
Our registrar is QMI SAI Global.
Edmonton has its AQP certification from ABSA

Houston currently does not manufacture any products on site, so all products supplied through this location our covered under Sarnia and Edmonton’s current ISO registration.

What specification are Keddco swages made to?

Keddco swages are made to meet ASTM fitting specifications such as A234 for carbon steel or chrome–moly, A420 for low temp., or A403 for the stainless steels. They are manufactured in accordance with MSS (Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valves and Fittings Industry Inc.) in particular SP-95 for Swage Nipples and Bull Plugs.

Why are low temp swages stamped with WPL6 instead of A350-LF2?

Our low temp swages are registered as fittings with TSSA so must be stamped as such. A420-WPL6 is the fittings spec. for low temp fittings. A350 LF2 or A333 GR6 is the raw material specs from which WPL6 fittings are manufactured.

Why does Keddco's CRN have a C after the number?

As per the CSA Standard of B51-03 Section 4.3.2 allows the C to be used if the product has been approved in all provinces and territories. The C follows the designation of the first province of application approval.

Do Keddco products meet CSA Z245.11 requirements?

Our product will meet the requirements of this specification. We do not stock the product with the required stamping because Keddco does not have a big requirement for fittings meeting the CSA spec. We can supply the required documentation to support the chemical and physical requirements of the CSA spec. and will stamp the fittings per the CSA requirements on request.

Do Keddco products meet the NACE spec of MR0175?

Keddco makes swages and bull plugs to the MSS SP95 specification and we manufacture them in two specific materials for stock; carbon steel that meets ASTM A234-WPB and low temp to meet ASTM A420-WPL6, both satisfy the requirements of NACE MR0103 and MR0175/ISO 15156-2 for sour service.


Keddco uses ASTM A516-70N (normalized with charpy impact testing) plate as the standard for the manufacturing of spectacle blinds, spacers, blinds, and bleed rings. This material meets the sour service requirements dictated by the most current revision of the NACE specification MR0103 and MR0175-09/ISO 15156-2. Spectacle Blinds, spacers, blind and bleed rings manufacture from Stainless Steels and Alloys also comply with NACE MR0103 and MR0175/ISO 15156-3.


Keddco MTR’s include a NACE comment to identify our compliance.

Why can't Keddco stamp N for normalized on their swages and bull plugs?

Our swage product is registered with the TSSA as a fitting not as a forged product. We stamp our carbon steel product as an example WPB rather than A105. ASTM A234 requires the fitting to be in the stress relieved condition so there is no need to mark our product as normalized.

The majority of our customers are not concerned that the swage product be stamped N for normalized. The normalizing process is associated with forged products such as A105 bar or flanges. Our starting material is hot rolled bar (usually C1018). Normalizing is a type of stress relieving. The manufacturing method used to produce hot rolled bar produces a product that needs no further heat treatment. Keddco has had several microscopic grain analyses done to determine that the material we use will comply with the normalized specification. We know our product has the same physical characteristics as the normalized product but we cannot in good conscience identify our swages and bull plugs as normalized, but as stated above we are not required to indicate the N when stamping our product as a fitting.

What is the A105 specification and how does it affect Keddco's products?

ASTM A105 is for ‘Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications’ ASTM A234 is for ‘Piping Fittings of Wrought Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel for Moderate and High Temperature Service’. The bar used by Keddco is hot rolled not forged and is more readily available. In most cases the material used by Keddco for swages and bull plugs will also comply with the A105 specification.

What specification does Keddco use for the manufacture and gauging of their threads?

Keddco uses the ANSI/ASME specification of B1.20.1 for the manufacture of pipe threads.

How does Keddco guarantee the traceability of the material for the MTR?

When material enters our receiving department it is first identified and verified that it meets the specification as ordered. The material is given a unique Keddco code that references the mill heat number. When a work order is completed the worker will add the mtr code to the order. An mtr is created with this information in our system with an identifying description. The hard copy is always kept on file for reference.

What is the surface roughness of spectacle blinds, paddles and spacers?

The normal finish of the gasket face on these products is 125-250 RMS. If a customer wants to have what we would call a ‘machined’ or smoother finish they would ask for 125 RMS.

Do strainers require a CRN?

Not all provinces and territories consider strainers to be an integral part of the “pressure fitting”. The cone is on the inside of the pipe assembly and is not subject to bursting and the strainer mounting ring is not much different than a gasket and gaskets do not have CRN‘s. Keddco has however, applied for and publishes our CRN’s for strainers.